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Stress And Low Level Light Therapy

By Venice Sullvan, Ph.D., NCMT

Stress is simply a fact of nature – forces from both inside and outside our bodies affecting our body/mind connection. Everyone responds to stress in different ways. Because of the overabundance of pressures in our modern lives, we often think of stress negatively. In fact, from a biological point of view; stress can be negative, positive or even neutral. Generally, stress is related to both external and internal factors.

Some external factors include:
• Physical environment
• Jobs
• Illnesses
• Finances
• Traffic
• Relationships / Family
• News events
• Emotional or physical trauma
Stress is really anything that increases the body’s normal neurological functions: breath rate, heart rate, cortisol or other chemical reactions, muscles tightening, and increases in blood pressure. For many, stress is so commonplace that it becomes a way of life. But stress isn’t all bad. In small doses, it helps us to perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best.

How can we help alleviate stress? At HOPE Wellness Institute, along with traditional massage therapies, we offer BioVeda’s innovative Aura system of Low Level Light Therapy. This technology, utilizing the study of bionetics, incorporates all aspects and functions of the human body/mind system. Basically, through Galvanic Skin Response, we are able to measure and analyze the stress signals in your body caused by physical, mental and emotional stimuli.

From there, we use Low Level Light Therapy to restore those imbalances which are stressing your body the most. Specific frequencies, through the use of a cold laser, stimulate the autonomic nervous system in much the same way as acupuncture does but without the needles. This low level light is passed over the body’s acupuncture points and biofeedback is registered through the device and its software to determine which substances cause the body stress. Once identified, we use a system of proven protocols to address the imbalances that are specific to your body system.

So whether you suffer from chronic stress, allergies or nutritional imbalances; the non-invasive Low Level Light Therapy may be right for you. Be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment to get your complimentary stress analysis today!

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