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HWI New Client Information

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit HOPE Wellness Institute! We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you. Our HOPE Wellness Institute Team is committed to helping you improve your health by allowing both your body and mind to see optimum healing results. We work with you, individually, to find your unique “Healing Option for Personal Excellence”. At HOPE Wellness Institute you are provided a variety of modalities to provide wellness, education while elevating your lifestyle. These methods include medical massage, neuromuscular therapy, cold laser therapy, brain balancing technology, and more.

As a new client, you will receive a consultation with a thorough evaluation to ensure that we understand your pain and are able to match it with the proper techniques. Together we will devise a plan for your decreased pain and dysfunction while enjoying improved health. This will allow for us to affect long term problems, rather than the short-term symptoms.
Just as the nautilus has many compartments to make the whole beautiful shell, all of your life’s experiences combine to create where you are in life right now. We work with the “whole” you.

Please complete our confidential New Client Intake Form below and submit it to the office before your appointment. If your appointment is for a specific protocol listed, please print and complete those forms as well so your evaluation can be completed. A member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

New Client Intake Form