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Stop Smoking with HWI

By: Lisa Sullivan, CMT

We all know that smoking is harmful to the body, the environment, and the pocket book, but do we really understand the challenges smokers face in quitting? Over the years smoking has gone from socially acceptable to socially unacceptable, alienating those who smoke, and putting a lot of pressure on them to stop. Think for a moment about the people in your life who smoke… I can say with certainty that everyone I am thinking of has voiced their desire to quit smoking, how about you? So, if they all desire to quit, what is standing in their way?

Let’s first address this question: Is smoking a habit, or an addiction? Habits are formed through repetition, where addiction is the result of a chemical dependency. Therefore, with smoking both factors are present. The habit is formed through repeatedly selecting and smoking the chosen cigarette, often at the same or similar times each day, and the addiction is the body’s dependency on Nicotine. We are all aware of this, and research has acknowledged this, creating a factual base for companies to develop products for quitting. Unfortunately, it is also known that most choosing to use those products are left disappointed. Therefore, the process of quitting must require more than overcoming a mental habit and a physical dependency, both of which are extremely difficult things overcome. So, what else could there be?

Each of us has our vice, and each of us knows that we indulge during specific times or situations. Those who smoke are no different in this regard, but they also have the added pressure of social alienation. We offer support and encouragement to the friend who struggles with food, and even the one who struggles with alcohol, but the friend who smokes is treated poorly, with mild to blatant disdain. If the friend struggling with food or alcohol was treated the same, they would likely experience much less success in their battle. Therefore, we need to offer support and encouragement, not scorn and alienation.

Whether you yourself are struggling to stop smoking, or someone in your life is, let us help you achieve success in your battle. Our Just Stop! Program addresses all aspects of this battle, and also provides the support needed to be successful. Not only is there hope, there is freedom just a phone call away.

About the Just Stop! Program:
The Just Stop! Program acknowledges that there are three components to quitting smoking; physical, mental, and emotional, and through cutting edge technology it addresses each and every component, making it incredibly successful. The treatment is non invasive, and all in office visits are completed in just one week, making it both convenient and quick. At each visit the client experiences Low Level Laser Light Therapy, and with the assistance and support of their therapist, is able to address and overcome all components, ensuring the best possible results.
For more information, please send us an e-mail, give us a call, or come in and pay us a visit. We welcome your questions and are committed to your success!

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