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Massage and Winter Sports

By: Nicole Blankenship

Wintertime in California is a great opportunity for families and friends to experience the fun of winter sports. Therapeutic Massage is a great way to recover from leg or neck soreness, back stiffness, and other muscle tenderness that often happens after a big day on the slopes.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete training for a race or a recreational ski enthusiast, massage can help you enjoy your sport without pain. While skiing in general is low-impact, there are a few things you should be mindful:

Old Injuries, Nagging Pain. Do you ever catch yourself saying, "I've been deal with that pain ever since I blew out my knee playing ..."? You shouldn't have to deal with pain when you snowboard or ski. Massage is a great way to alleviate pain from old injuries and help your body recover so that you can enjoy participating in the sports you love.

Twists, Sprains & Cramps. Injuries that seem minor during training can lead to bigger problems later in life if not addressed. Do you have a twist or sprain that seems to act up on occasion? Do you wake up in the night with painful leg cramps? Therapeutic massage can help your body recover from the injury even if it took place over 20 years ago.

Injuries From FALLS. Falls and crashes can take a big toll on your body even after bruises, sprains, or broken bones heal. Massage helps your body recover faster and more completely after a traumatic experience such as a sports accident.

Achilles Tendon Soreness & LOW Back Pain. Skiers and Snowboarders are known for experiencing overuse injuries including, lower leg pain, Achilles tendon problems and lower back pain. Pain is always a symptom of injury. Sometimes the body doesn't address injuries properly and can produce spasms to protect the injured muscle. Massage can take away the dysfunctional pattern to allow the muscle to reset and restore function and normal range of motion.

Rotator Cuff tears. If you experience pain in your shoulder that seems to linger for more than a few days, call to schedule an appointment. It's impossible to totally immobilize the shoulder to allow rotator cuff injuries to properly heal. Therapeutic massage is an excellent way to remove the dysfunction and allow the shoulder to heal faster and more completely. If rotator cuff injuries are not addressed, it can lead to "frozen shoulder", a much more serious and painful condition that is more difficult to alleviate.

Hip flexor tightness & Knee Pain. A hip flexor injury is often felt in the front of the hip or in the groin area. Some hip flexor injuries do not completely heal because of the constant use when walking. Knee pain is often due to tight quad muscles from over use and/or improper stretching. If untreated, it can lead to bursitis.

We want you continue to do what you love all year round. To make this possible call our team of well-trained therapist to learn how we can help you personally!

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